The kindergarten is a place where young children learn as they play with materials and cope up to live with other children and teachers. It is also a place where adults can learn; they observe children and participate with them. It can serve as a laboratory for the study of human relations.

The Kindergarten (KG) Section of Dunes International School has been divided into three stages.

  • Pre-KG, age group three years and above
  • Lower Kindergarten (LKG/KG1) age group four years and above
  • Upper Kindergarten (UKG/KG2) age group five years and above


The main objectives of the DUNES Kindergarten are:

  • To develop adequate muscular co-ordination and basic motor skill in the child.
  • To develop good health habits and to build up basic skills necessary for personal adjustments
  • To develop emotional maturity by guiding the child to express, understand, accept and control his feelings and emotions.
  • To develop good desirable social attitudes, manners and to encourage healthy group participation.
  • To stimulate the child’s beginning of intellectual curiosities concerning his immediate environment.
  • To encourage the child’s independence and creativity by providing him with sufficient opportunities.


The DUNES KG Section provides an opportunity for progress of the student. Each one is having the freedom to develop freely.




(Ms. Shahliza Yousuf Khan)




KG Headmistress Message


“A teacher affects eternity; she can never tell where her influence stops.”

Imagine Aspire and Achieve - this is the vision for all of us, here, at the Dunes Kindergarten World and indeed for all associated with the School.  It is said ‘Stronger the start, greater is the finish’. As such we conscientiously strive to lay a strong and stress free foundation, in pre-primary years so that the tiny steps of the happy feet can take off in leaps and bounds and achieve success in the years to come.

“The formative years, the most important years of your life, an impressionable age.” How many times have we heard this said about 0 to 6 years old, or even said it ourselves, but how seriously do we take it?

It is a proven fact that these years are the most important in life of any individual, if the child is exposed to learning experiences in a positive thinking, he/she will be decisive and confident adult, able to cope with all the complexities of life in the future.

It is our policy to provide our children with the full range of stimulating and educational activities, allowing them to develop physically, emotionally and intellectually at positive personal rate, encouraging in area he/she finds tricky and praising achievements. All teachers are qualified and experienced professionals who through group planning sessions have developed a very clear set of objectives for the child’s development, as well as a coherent programme to achieve them.

It is indeed a blissful experience to be in the midst of children. The joy they bring forth is something that will be cherished forever. The warmth they radiate brightens each day and makes every moment charming and beautiful.

 A word of appreciation for all my colleagues, for their unstinting commitment and effort in taking care of the little ones by providing them with a comfortable and happy class room environment.  The service rendered by the helping staff is also noteworthy.

We at Dunes Kindergarten believe in working as promoters and facilitators of learning. The role of teachers is that of a guide or a source for self learning and self discovery, as George Bernard Shaw aptly cites it in the following quote:

"I am not a teacher only a fellow traveller of whom you asked the way. I pointed ahead---- ahead of myself as well as of you."

Our Kindergarten is a launch pad for our children who take off from here and step into the world of education at various levels. Hence, we are committed to maintain our academic excellence, which we balance with our broad range of extra-curricular opportunities.

I Wish them Happiness and Success in all their Endeavors!