Message from the Directors

“Good directors and leaders are enablers who make it possible for others to succeed by providing the means and opportunities for actions.”



At DUNES International School, we pride ourselves in our ability to create an appetite for knowledge. We offer a curriculum that is rigorous yet flexible, and which extends far beyond the four walls of the classroom. We know that when children understand why they are learning what they are learning, stronger connections are made, and material is better retained. We achieve this by linking what they learn in class to the world around them.

As a school, we are committed to provide and engage safe and intimate community where students are able to explore and express both their intellectual and creative abilities, through challenging academic classes, music, arts, athletics and community service.


Mr.Amjad Khan

Students are immersed in a nurturing environment, created by our well qualified faculty and staff, where emphasis is placed on development of the whole child, intellectually, physically, and emotionally. Praising effort, encouraging citizenship and providing opportunities for students to try new opportunities for students to try new experiences in an accepting environment are at the heart of our community.

If you are new to DUNES International School, we invite you to browse our website and visit our school in order to get a true sense of how rich our academic programme is. This is a very important decision for you and, and we encourage you to seek out as many resources as possible. If you are a current member of our school community, congratulations on having chosen one of the top academic programs in the kingdom, and for paving the road to success for your child.


The DUNES endeavors to deliver the holistic education to its students by ensuring three elements, namely, selection of excellent teaching staff, deployment of modern teaching tools and provision of ample activities.  It fosters competitive but friendly environment which is highly cosmopolitan. The DUNES is a student-optimized institution where decisions are made keeping the students at the first priority. However, the holistic development of the child needs matching attention from the parents too. I urge the parents to be involved with the students not only at home but also at the school.  Let us team-up to make exemplary denizens of the future.


Dr. Saleem Ur Rahman