To give a global perspective in all areas of development and is the centerpiece of our school’s education system. It provides a broad-based educational opportunity that develops students understanding of various disciplines and languages and their ability to lead, participate and contribute in a rapidly changing global society. The school follows CBSE curriculum. CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education) is a board that is universally recognized and accepted by institutions of higher learning throughout the world. The school is affiliated to the CBSE.


Kindergarten Section (Pre KG-UKG)

At the pre-primary level, our focus is on developing English language School communication; Fine & Gross Motor skills; and Social and Emotional development The introductory subjects include English, Mathematics and EVS. Second language option is given in the Upper Kindergarten Section, in order to have a proper understanding of it once they get promoted to gradel. These are supported by regular activities and projects, art and craft, music, aerobics, yoga etc. The students are also introduced to basic computer skills. The learning experience, through play-way and audio-visual teaching methods, is made more fun and interactive.

Lower Primary (Grade I- II)

School recognizes that students achieve their best when they feel safe, nurtured welcomed, respected and included. We are committed to provide a healthy learning and working emvironment to support student sUCcess by promoting responsibility respect, civility, academicexcellence and good citizenship.

Upper Primary (Grade III-V)

The curriculum emphasizes on overall skill development comprising of moral values and human ethics through Value Education and Islamic Studies. As these are the foundation years in a child’s life, focus is laid in mainstream subjects like Math,Science, English, EVS, etc. through a child friendly education system.

Middle School (Grade VI-VIl)

Middle school precedes the high school. It is the preparatory stage for the students to get ready for the challenges of life in terms of holistic and scholastic education. In additlon to academic grawth and development, emphasis is laid on overall physical and mental development through other co- curricular activities.

Secondary School (Grade IX-X)

With the advent of senior grades, comes the responsibility of getting into the depths of pure academics. School provides a unique educational opportunity that offers a wide variety of programs to a diverse student population. Our goal, in partnership With parents and the community, is to develop our student’s knowledge, skills and values in a safe learning environment and to challenge them to become independent lifelong learners and caring contributors in a global society.