Message From The Chairman / Directors

Dr. Ibrahim H. Al-Quayid

Professor for over 25 years in King Saud University

“Education is not the learning of the facts, but the training of the mind.” Albert Einstein
I am happy to be a part of DUNES International School, which is dedicated to promote social, emotional and academic development of a child. We operate as a community where students, teachers, and parents contribute to an open, welcoming and trusting environment with high expectations from everyone.
Our experienced and passionate teachers help their students to overcome severe challenges and prepare them well for better lives and a brighter future.
At the same time, I would exhort the students to always be modest, humble and disciplined while being ready to expand the horizons of their learning knowledge and skills by dreaming big and working hard.
I hope this endeavor will be the landmark for the students for their brighter future and the school will produce the most talented young ones, becoming leaders and better citizens of tomorrow.

Dr. Nadeem Tarin

Managing Director, DUNES International School and DHAHRAN BUDS international School

Welcome to DUNES International School, a school that focuses on opportunity and achievement, a place where students are encouraged and supported to excel. We encourage our students to participate fully, to take risks, to be self-advocates, and to create lasting memories and relationships with peers and staff.
Our goal is to provide an enriching, engaging, and challenging curriculum that will prepare students to succeed while learning at Dhahran Buds and for the years to follow. We believe that students, teachers, and parents all play a vital role in helping students reach their greatest potential. Our teachers provide a nurturing environment in which young minds can learn to take risks and thrive.
It is in the spirit of meeting this challenge that I invite all parents to partner with our administrative staff and educators in helping to pave the path to the endless new horizons of greater student achievement. I look forward to your participation and involvement in your child’s learning process.

Mr. Sultan Salman Al-Terais Sadey

Graduated from Prince Sultan University and Business Administration

A child is a positive asset and a precious gem which needs to be cherished, nurtured, and developed with tenderness and care, coupled with dynamism. In order to reach this goal, a sound education system is the basic requirement.
We, at DUNES International School, incorporated relevant content with innovations in methodology to identify and foster the unique nature of each learner. Our holistic approach stimulates innovation among students by inspiring fresh ideas with different perception, creative thinking and strong conviction.
We are happy to partner with our pupils, parents and the community at large to create a positive and inclusive environment of high quality learning and teaching, where everyone is valued and respected.

Mr. Amjad Khan

Director of Finance & Operations

“Good managers and leaders are enablers who make it possible for others to succeed by providing the means and opportunities for actions.”
At DUNES International School, we pride ourselves in our ability to create an appetite for knowledge. We offer a curriculum that is rigorous yet flexible, and which extends far beyond the walls of the classroom. We know that when children understand why they are learning and what they are learning, stronger connections are made, and material is retained.We achieve this by linking what they learn in class to the world around them.
As a school, we are committed to provide and engage safe and intimate community where students are able to explore and express both their intellectual and creative abilities, through challenging academic classes , arts, athletics, and community service.
Students are immersed in a nurturing environment, created by our well qualified faculty and staff, where emphasis is placed on development of the whole child, intellectually, physically, and emotionally. Praising effort, encouraging citizenship and providing new opportunities for students to try new experiences in an accepting environment, are at the heart of our community. We invite you to come and visit our school and browse our website in order to get a true sense of how rich our academic program is.

Mr. Awadh Al-Qahtani

Director of Administration

Education plays an important role in enabling a person to face a real life situation with adequate knowledge. At DUNES, we are making our best effort to give quality education to our students. In parallel with this thought, we believe in inculcating positive attitude towards life in our students, so that they learn about the world around them and become good human beings. The sincere effort of DUNES International School is to enable the students to love what they learn and understand the world of wonder and duty around them.